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THE 80/20 MYTH

THE 80/20 MYTH

"It's 80% diet and 20% training!"

this is just our theory of course but it's actually 80% training and biomechanics accounting for change and really only 20% of it is nutrition.


When you start out with decent mechanics and your body moves pretty well you can achieve results from standard exercise and a good diet and that's great we encourage people to take the easiest route possible.

However if your body doesn't have optimal mechanics and you don't move well or have a high output or efficiency then diet and exercise are going to have a lower impact on getting results.

Therefore optimizing the mechanics when training has proven to provide our clients with success across the board. From 80 year old clients who aren't in a place to change their diet immediately to vegans and everything in between we help our clients write a plan to fit their life the way they can right now. If you're not sure just look at our results and other FP practitioners and doers