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Migrant Workers Research Paper

The researchers Joseph Hovey and Cristina Magana (2002) that aimed at analyzing the anxiety and depression levels of migrant farm workers in the Midwestern United States. The researchers found that their sample population of migrant farm workers revealed high levels of anxiety and depression.

  • Migrant Workers

  • cent of the migrant population was in the top two quintiles (4 & 5) compared with 34.8 per cent of the non-migrant population. There is an even sharper concentration of migrants for economic reasons in the top quintiles, which is expected since these migrants had self-selected themselves for migration [6].

  • most of the migrant workers are daily wage earners engage broadly in issues emerging during migrant workers msme sectors and construction activities. movements in india during covid-19 in both these sectors they are not given.

Migrant Workers Research Paper - Essay Help 24x7

Migrant Workers Research Paper - Essay Help 24x7

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